This is how it goes. How I Met Your Mother is already in its sixth season, and here I am, finishing the last episode of season 1. Perhaps it was the onset of January 2011, when I lost track of how each day commenced as I kept myself awake during those thesis sessions in that 24-hour fastfood chain along Marcos highway. A lot has happened coz this right here, is like backtracking from season 6 to season 1.

Thesis happened.

It was a memorable event especially when everything compels it as THE self-actualization stage of an undergraduate. Now, there’s the glitch. Self-actualization is difficult to be measured by standard parameters. Even Maslow simplified the stages to include subjective ideas. That’s why when people tell you about thesis being anti-climactic or being overkilled, when others tell you how it will end, don’t believe any of that crap because thesis – like life – is simply what you make out of it.

Towards the end, during that sudden shift from chaos to boredom, you’d ponder on a lot of things, like how the system went – probably that’s why discourses (and blogs) exist out of it, to applaud it, to criticize it, and to improve it. But what matters is, what it did to you? What principles did you uphold? What standards did you follow? What goal did you hold on to? You would look at the person it made out of you and where that person will lead you.

For me, this is the most challenging part of thesis – the peak of self-assessment and oftentimes, of self-doubt. It could cause great fear, frustrations and discouragement, but it bears out stories and viewpoints that paves a more defined track. Ted Mosby ended season 1 with something like this: one day everything will look the same, then all it takes is one night, one moment that will make you realize it isn’t.

Thesis happened.