This could be the worst and the best bike ride of all time.”

Chris laughed as we were nearing Toronto Island’s ferry terminal. The path offered a rich, varying scenery, which helpfully produced the excitement that helped me overcome the exhausting 20-km ride. As a first-time cyclist, I easily found out how I ended up braving the roads – he was cheering while staying as close behind me as possible, also, while forgiving the several times I stopped to take pictures of things that captured my eye.

Our Bike Trail: Lakeshore Boulevard, South Leslie Street, Unwin Avenue, Cherry Street passing by Polson Pier, and  Queens Quay East to Ferry Terminal

Chris waiting to finish my sudden urge to take pictures along Cherry St.

We started covering The Beaches and Woodbine Park while staying close to Lake Shore Boulevard and Coxwell. The sloping hills beside the docks offered the best view of birds, boats, and skyscrapers. It was not a secret haven, as the rounding police officer shared the scene during his break time. However, it can be exclusive to host royalties, such as Prince Charles and Camilla, when they celebrated Victoria Day with the city.

Shared my sub sandwich with this bird, who wasn’t afraid of me at all. It waited there until we finished our snack!

Sailboats along Martin Goodman Trail / The Boardwalk

I entitled this picture, Torch, because it reminded me so much of the Olympics.

We finished our subs, and traversed the festive crowd by the shore. The uncertain path made us enjoy the peculiarities of a crazy rave, a fruit-picking biker, a sailing school, and later, an outdoor theater for Cavalia’s Odysseo.

Cherry Street Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge | Located in the Port Lands area, designed in 1931 to carry two lanes of traffic, and was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act as Architectural Historical.

I never thought I could someday share the road with pedestrian, vehicles, and Gardiner Expressway’s towering foundations. The bike lanes were not perfect or acknowledged as that of Montreal, but the intentions were present – all it needed were levelling and painting.

The site used to be an oil re-refinery operated by Canadian Oil, a fully owned subsidiary of Shell. Quantex assumed operations, implementing strategic processing of waste, caused by previous operators.

Hanging out in the Water Park at Sherbourne Common. Inside the facility, there was a way towards Corus Entertainment.

Toronto boasts such accessible luxury. Although it is not entirely convenient, its goals are being laid out by people, who fights for their right of way. If it wasn’t for the academe, the awareness was probably learnt from Canadians’ natural love for creating a beautiful city. Indeed, several initiatives were organized to put forward such cause – Health Toronto by Design, Toronto Walking Strategy, Pedestrian Pilot Projects, and Walking Tours, and Toronto Bicycling Network among others.

I’m not sure if it was the Empire Sandy or Wayward Princess, but it was definitely a boat on cruise.

Aboard the ferry to Toronto Island

It is a city not reserved of criticisms; it middled eighth in the Economist Intelligence Unit in the world’s most livable cities – losing points for urban sprawl, not to mention, the long commuting times compared to its neighbors. Although, I would say such shortcomings are being corrected by the strong values it upholds. In fact, according to the findings of Walkable City report, residents in Toronto place a high premium on living in walkable and transit-supportive neighborhoods, with expressed support and demand for walkable options. It  is a city interesting to look at. It is educated, aware, and culturally aggressive.

Toronto Skyline :)